Think, Feel, and Work Better

“When we suffer in our personal lives our professional lives also suffer. When we suffer in our professional lives, our personal lives also suffer.  Heavy workloads, unrealistic deadlines, difficult working conditions, constant stress, the fear of being fired – these all cause suffering at work, which then spills into the rest of our lives. And no one it seems, can help us. But it doesn't have to be that way.”

–Thich Nhan Hahn, “The Art of Power”


We know what it’s like. We’ve been there.

Me Tyme was created to help employees think, feel, and work better. Leveraging cutting edge software and data analysis, we help employees cope with their emotional stressors in real-time.

But our mission encompasses much more than just software – we partner with each of our customers as they look to reduce employee stress both inside and outside of the workplace. Our transformational platform provide a helpful, immediate way to manage emotional health that is aligned with employees daily habits. In addition, the Me Tyme approach is discrete and available 24/7.

Founder Remy Meraz saw a common theme. Whether working in a dynamic startup or at a Fortune 500 corporation, Remy saw people not having the skills to deal with emotional stressors – whether they stemmed from work or their personal lives. People often want help but are afraid of asking, while others simply don’t know where to turn to get help.

As she spoke with more people, she saw that this was a pervasive problem. Me Tyme was born to combat this problem: to get people help in a format that worked for them, when they needed it most – not weeks later when an appointment could be scheduled.

We all feel the pressure of life’s responsibilities. Me Tyme strives to become a trusted source for individuals as they tackle life’s daily challenges. Part of our mission requires the stigma around mental health to be reversed, especially in underserved communities so that people can access the help they want, when they need it.

It’s time for something different.

Combining our multi-disciplinary backgrounds industries and experience across technology, media, psychology and personal development, we are bringing a fresh innovative solution to the human resources and talent management industry.




A few of the 50+ experts from the emotional health and personal development industry who are behind the power of Me Tyme.


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