What is Feminine and Masculine Energy?

By Kristen Knepper

No matter our physical sex, we all have both masculine and feminine energy.  But in the American workplace, feminine energy has become vastly undervalued.

Feminine energy is defined as motion seeking safety.  The feminine’s great desire is to have her feelings cherished.  The Feminine is intuitive, abstract, patient, receptive, nurturing, allowing, soft, creative and calm.  She learns through praise, and is associated with being still and holding space.

Masculine energy is defined as presence seeking freedom. The masculine’s greatest desire is to have his thoughts respected.  The masculine is analytical, impatient, rushing, logical, concrete, assertive, and organized.  He learns through challenge and is associated with doing and being in action.

Although masculine traits dominate the workplace, the value of the feminine is just being untapped.  The ability to hold space for employees rather than micro-managing or throwing them into the deep end, encourages new ideas, and allows for collaboration and creativity.  Creativity is the birthplace for innovation, and without innovation, business dies.  Emotional intelligence also known as EQ, another feminine trait, is defined as the ability to connect and empathize.  A high EQ has been deemed the #1 leadership trait for successful C level candidates.  

Competition and assertiveness have their place, but sustainable leadership requires feminine energy.

Kristen Knepper - Attorney, speaker, professional development expert and Me Tyme Network Guru.

Kristen specializes in gender inclusion, leading workshops on the power of feminine energy in leadership, negotiations, and change management. Learn more at www.kristenknepper.com 


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