Top Three Keys to Create Relationship Intimacy

By Linda O’Keefe


For as much as we all want and need close connection, especially in our significant relationships, most of us are challenged to allow it. The instant connection we naturally feel at the beginning of a relationship somehow starts to dissolve into insecurities and power struggles. And right there, when each start to move away, is actually the first opportunity to create true intimacy.

Intimacy means “into me see” and we must be willing to let our vulnerable feelings be seen and heard. This can be terrifying, especially if we have experienced wounding in the past.

Building intimacy means...

Move towards your partner instead of away when insecurities or fears arise. Initiate a conversation in a private/quiet time to share feelings.

Avoid blaming or shaming Remember that anger is often a “secondary emotion”, one used to protect something more vulnerable below the surface, like hurt or fear.

Speak vulnerably about how you they feel. “I felt afraid, hurt, confused,” 

Intimacy is the practice of allowing ourselves to be fully, vulnerably seen.

Linda O’Keefe - LCSW, and Me Tyme Network Guru. Linda is the Creator and Founder of A Radical Shift, a transformative program that blends psychology, spirituality and brain science to reunite participants with their essential selves AND release all that is non-essential. Visit to learn more. Watch the Me Tyme Minute on the Top Three Keys to Create Relationship Intimacy.


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